Overview of Meta-Analysis, Part 1 (of 7): Effect Sizes

This post is the first in a seven-part overview of common meta-analytic tasks.  In this first part I’ll introduce a real-world substantive application of meta-analysis and address estimating effect sizes (ESs).  Subsequent parts will focus on the following topics:

  • Part 2: obtaining information about ES sampling error
  • Part 3: collecting features of ESs
  • Part 4: exploring data
  • Part 5: fitting meta-analytic models to ESs (subparts 5a, 5b, and 5c)
  • Part 6: checking for potential problems
  • Part 7: expressing results informatively

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Resources for Learning and Doing Research Synthesis, Part 2

In Part 1 of this two-part post I mentioned a few major organizations that provide resources for research synthesis and described numerous training opportunities.  Here, in Part 2, I’ll discuss the plethora of publications on relevant methodology, options for software, and potential benefits of involving collaborators (e.g., colleagues, consultants).
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Resources for Learning and Doing Research Synthesis, Part 1

In this blog I’ll cover diverse topics in meta-analytic methodology.  It isn’t, however, intended as a one-stop resource.  Whether you (plan to) produce or consume research syntheses, teach would-be meta-analysts, or follow this topic for other reasons, you’ll likely benefit from other sources of information and support.  This is especially true if you’re interested in areas of the research synthesis landscape beyond the realm of meta-analytic techniques.

In this two-part post I’ll try to drive visitors away from this blog. 😮  Specifically, I’ll describe several (related) types of resources to consider: organizations and training here in Part 1, and methodological publications, software, and collaborators later in Part 2.
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Content of and Plan for ‘Meta-Analysis Sandwich’

Welcome to my first ever blog.  In this inaugural post I’ll comment on topics I anticipate covering, a few challenges of blogging about statistics, and my primary reasons for undertaking this endeavor.

Anticipated Topics

This blog is about meta-analysis methodology and related topics.  Let’s break that down:
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