This blog is about meta-analysis methodology and related topics.  For a brief description of plans and motivating reasons, see the inaugural post.  It’s reasonable to expect between two and four new posts per month.

Blog Author

Adam R. Hafdahl is an independent statistical consultant who holds a PhD in quantitative psychology and a MA in statistics; his dissertation and thesis addressed topics involving multivariate meta-analysis.  He’s co-authored more than 10 quantitative reviews published in peer-reviewed journals—mostly as lead statistician on NIH-funded projects—and consulted on several others, published peer-reviewed articles on meta-analysis methodology, refereed several manuscripts on meta-analytic methods and applications for peer-reviewed journals and the Campbell Collaboration, and taught a graduate course in research synthesis.  He’s an elected member of the Society for Research Synthesis Methodology and a Feature Editor for Research Synthesis Methods (related to his growing bibliography on research synthesis methodology), and he leads a methods workgroup on meta-analysis at the University of Kansas.

Dr. Hafdahl’s most active areas of research in meta-analysis methodology involve multivariate and other dependent effect sizes (ESs), correlations, functions of ESs (e.g., path models from correlation matrices), and missing data.  He’s also interested in issues concerning distributions of ES parameters, moderators, conditional variances, outliers, models for associations among ESs, and other meta-analysis topics.

In his spare time, he enjoys bicycling, hiking, (listening to) a cappella music, (playing) piano, reading, movies, and skepticism.

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