Overview of Meta-Analysis, Part 5b (of 7): Primary Meta-Analyses (cont.)

This is the second of three posts in Part 5 of my overview of meta-analysis.  In Part 5a I described six conventional models for meta-analysis, each of which combines within-study and between-studies models.  In this second post I first comment on nested models then describe estimation and inference for two models without covariates—procedures for fitting these models to effect-size (ES) estimates and quantifying uncertainty about their focal (hyper)parameters.  In the third post, Part 5c, I’ll do the same for two models with covariates and also comment on extensions and variants of these models and procedures.
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Content of and Plan for ‘Meta-Analysis Sandwich’

Welcome to my first ever blog.  In this inaugural post I’ll comment on topics I anticipate covering, a few challenges of blogging about statistics, and my primary reasons for undertaking this endeavor.

Anticipated Topics

This blog is about meta-analysis methodology and related topics.  Let’s break that down:
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